Visibility Beats Ability.

It doesn't matter how good you are at what you do, if no one knows.

Are you ready to level up your business?

Today's real estate industry has changed and you can no longer rely primarily on door knocking, cold calling & geo farming.

While these strategies still work, video provides something that these traditional methods do not...leads that reach out to you because of YOU and the message and content you are providing.

I believe video is KING, and that through video, you can leverage your message, create stronger relationships and become the authority on real estate in your marketplace.

This 5 part course will teach you the fundamentals of video, including why it is so impactful, the equipment you should invest in to get started and proven tips and strategies to use to ensure long term success.

Tom's stor(e)y.

Tom is considered one of the top 35 REALTORS under 35 in Canada & ranks in the top 1% of sales in all of Toronto & Canada. Tom has taken his business from zero to 7 figures in annual commissions in 5 years, building a team that focuses on relationships over transactions.

Tom is a regular contributor on the Toronto Real Estate market with local media outlets & has spoken all over North America about the Canadian Real Estate Market, remaining on the cutting edge for information and strategy.

What you get.

Become a true Content Creator

Interested in getting started with video but not confident on the content you should be creating?

This course will provide you with a multitude of video ideas to get you start, keep you posting valuable content consistently and generate & convert leads into sales.

Level up you Video Production & Editing Skills

Once you have a handle on your content, you need to know how to create it and process it into an attractive, easy to consume message for viewers.

This course will provide you with recommendations on equipment, as well as tips and strategies on how to edit your videos based on your current operating system.

Develop your Video Plan & Leverage your Socials

Now that you have your content and video editing dialed in, it is important to develop a plan to ensure you are able to consistently release content that will keep you in front of your clients.

This course will teach you how to develop a sustainable video schedule and how to leverage your existing social media accounts to get your content out there.

The Real Estate Video Course

  Course Introduction
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  Video Ideas
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  Editing Process
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  Important Tools & Techniques
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  Exclusive Interviews
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